Topic Ideas for Research Papers

A research paper allows you to present your understanding of an argument. It is essential to build on your knowledge of the topic while adding expert opinions on the idea. Writing a good paper needs you to explore your scope of the study. 

Research essays are not easy to create, more so if you have limited time. Choosing the right topic for your paper can be difficult. The subject needs to fascinate the reader and keep them hooked.

Teachers require students to come up with their topics at times. The student needs some inspiration to choose the perfect subject for their paper. Sometimes, there are too many fascinating ideas to pick from. Choose the theme that you find most interesting.

Statistics are your essay’s backbone. The learner needs to ensure they have enough evidence to support their concepts. Make use of online resources, articles, and books to get relevant facts. The material must be strong enough to support the theory.

There are three kinds of study questions that are crucial as detailed below:

  • Comparative questions – they compare entities.
  • Casual questions – they examine the relationship between variables.
  • Descriptive questions – they apply comprehensive observations of events or subjects. Then use the findings to study their patterns.

A good research topic must be actual and specific. It should be unique, something that no one has done before. The subject needs to be highly significant to the target audience and very appropriate. Below are some theme proposal examples that will help you choose your research theme.


  • Sex and religion
  • Religion and modernism
  • Religion and women
  • Teenagers and religion
  • Social action and the church
  • Religious counseling and pastoral counseling
  • Bisexuality and the Bible

Sports and Entertainment

  • Television programs that we should ban
  • Beauty contests and their impact on beauty standards
  • Gaming consoles and their effect on the youth
  • Should men compete against women?
  • Do television shows enforce false moral values?
  • Social networks and their relevance in society


  • Medical Marijuana: The advantages and disadvantages
  • Placebo treatment and its role
  • Avoiding tests on animals
  • Cow milk and its health benefits
  • Obesity and its health effects
  • The importance of vegetarian in the health of a child
  • The advantages and disadvantages of vaccines for children

Technology and Science

  • The use of bitcoin in protecting identity theft
  • Cryogenics and its role in our future
  • Alternative energy as a replacement for fossil fuel
  • Artificial intelligence and future computing
  • Nanomedicine: Can they prolong human life expectancy?
  • Self-driving vehicles and future livelihoods


  • Memorable cultural revolutions
  • Racial discrimination and  its origins
  • Antisemitism and its origins
  • Pop culture and its impact on the youth
  • A new understanding of historical events


  • The architecture of the Aztec empire
  • The Greek culture versus the Roman culture
  • The most operational military approach
  • World war and its effect on women rights
  • Is liberalism an ideal solution?
  • Monetary systems  and their effect on humanity
  • Asian art and its  impact on contemporary art


  • Education: Should it be inexpensive
  • School and social networking
  • Contemporary teaching approaches and their effects
  • Modern technology and the future of teaching
  • Standard tests and their influence on education
  • Lesson planning and the role of technology


A student requires a well-organized approach to write a good research paper. They need strong statistics to support their arguments. Do thorough research on the subject and make sure your information is up-to-date. There are many online platforms such as that you can seek help from when stuck.

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